COVID-19: 10 Things We’re All Going to Rock After Lockdown

things to do after lockdown

COVID-19: 10 Things to Do After Lockdown

All people around the world have been struggling during the lockdown due to Covid-19. Just a few months ago, lots of us dreamt of having enough time to sleep, watch movies, or simply doing nothing. Now, we are looking at the window, dreaming of very simple things such as going for a walk without having to wear a mask, being afraid of touching our faces or staying too close to other people. 

Have you thought of what you are going to do after the “gates” are open? Yes, most of us will simply go to work to earn money because the quarantine has drained our budgets, but what else will you do? Here, we have prepared 10 interesting things that you can do after lockdown.

#1. Jogging or Running

It is a great way to enjoy the freedom and get rid of extra weight. There are lots of benefits of jogging. This type of activity will be pleasant and useful even for those who did not do it before. So, if you do not have clothes or footwear suitable for running, purchase it now. Here, we can also include riding a bike and going to a gym.  

#2. Going to Bars and Cafés

We have all been missing such simple things as ordering coffee or a glass of beer at the favorite bar. It is a great opportunity to be around other people, enjoys communication, and have a wonderful time. 

#3. Traveling to Peru for Ayahuasca Retreat

Although you may hate being locked down in your home, this procedure can be useful for you. You can use this time to find out about ayahuasca retreat and prepare yourself for it. It is a fantastic way to improve your life. Preparation includes dieting, meditating, doing yoga, and following some other limitations. You will be able to not only save money but also improve your mental condition and get fully ready for an unforgettable experience. 

#4. Visiting a Hairdresser Salon  

You may have been trying to look good all this time, but did you succeed without the help of a hairdresser? You likely need to get a good haircut

So, hairdresser salons will surely be full of clients as soon as the lockdown is lifted.  Meanwhile, you can decide what exactly you want. It can be anything from a simple haircut to changing your style completely. 

#5. Inviting Your Friends or/and Relatives

Whom did you miss the most during the quarantine? You will likely want to see those people; so, you can either visit them or invite them to come to your place. Also, it may be a good idea to throw a party to gather several most loved and missed people together in a single place. It does not have to be a big event but just something fun and enjoyable for a small group of people.

#6. Going to the Cinema/Theater

Did you miss those large screens as well as clear and crisp sound? There are lots of movies at cinemas waiting for you! So, remember to buy a ticket to one of them once you can do that. If you are a fan of theaters, then nothing should stop you on your way to a play. Actors will surely be excited due to the opportunity to act again; so, it is going to be cool. 

#7. Shopping

Even during harsh times when you are locked at your home, you can use online services to buy necessary things. You may have always found it very convenient as we all have, but after lockdown is over, you will definitely want to go to buy some stuff yourself. It can be anything from foods to kitchen appliances. 

#8. Do Some Home Renovation 

After you have been staying at your home for days, you may have noticed that something has to be changed. Doing some home renovation may be a good way to get a different perception of your home. You can simply change the colors of the walls and move furniture to make it feel a bit differently. 

#9. Checking Your Health Condition 

You may have had other health problems, and after lockdown is over, you should visit your dentist or another healthcare specialist who can help you to manage them. 

#10. Going to Church 

There are lots of people who love going to church regularly, and as soon they are allowed, they will surely go there. 

Bottom Line

We have all been waiting for the time when we do not have to worry about Covid-19. However, you still should be careful. So, if you are throwing a party, make sure it is only for the closest people. Remember to keep the distance and wash your hands regularly. One of the best things to do after lockdown is to go for ayahuasca retreat, where you will be in a safe beautiful place enjoying a fantastic life-changing experience. 


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