The Basics and Characteristics of Explainer Video


The main reason behind the creation of explainer video was engaging and grabbing the attention of the targeted audience and customers. Once you have gained some potential organic leads, it’s time to work on converting those leads into your potential customers. By simply adapting, innovative strategies and business solutions you can not only expand your customer base but you can easily diversify it too.

A simple way to capture the attention of your audience is to compose engaging blogs and articles. As the online world has evolved, blogs have gained recognition and importance in the online business world. Through blogs, any business organization can present its ideas, promote its product and can widen its business prospects. Some of the most commonly published and widely read blogs are business blogs.

Blogging has become one of the most effective business strategies when it comes to the marketing of manufactured products and good and promotion of offered services. Blogging is indeed an impactful business marketing strategy. To enhance this business strategy and to promote your products and good in an effective manner, use explainer videos to boost your promotional business strategies.

How Do We Define Explainer Video?

Your blog consists of all the essential and relevant information and statistics regarding your business organization and your advanced products and goods, then why you should make explainer videos? It is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the significance and the pivotal role that explainer videos play in the strengthening of your marketing and promotion strategies.

First, let’s define what an explainer video is. One can define explainer videos as: “An explainer video is a brief animated video that is created to explain the business prospects. It explains business idea and concepts, and offered products, in a simple but engaging manner. To create an attention-capturing explainer video, use eye-catching graphics and illustrations.”

An explainer video doesn’t only boost your business marketing strategy, but it also enlightens your audience and customers with your business solutions and services. These videos are also helpful in informing your audience about what your business has to offer. About the solutions and services that your business can provide the customers. So that it can solve their problems and issues. It also explain why your business is the best and safest option that your customers can utilize.

Why Should You Use Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are a remarkable way to communicate your business perspectives and concepts. If you don’t haven’t employed a video animator yet, then you utilize the services of various agencies or freelancers. They are mostly working for large business organizations and enterprises. Either you can take assistance from any video animator, or you can contact potential and recognized explainer video animator. Go online, do thorough research about various international animator or animation service providers.

There are numerous service provider agencies of explainer video animations London like AnimationMonster. In short, in the whole of Europe there are several explainer video animators and service provider. They are willing to work for your company and business organization. Make sure that the services you are utilizing is well-known and a professional animator.

Characteristics of Best Explainer Video

There are many bogus and fraud service providers. Before you publish and upload any explainer video on your official business blog make sure that it has the following characteristics:

  • Explainer videos are supposed to be short but explanatory. An ideal explainer video is longer than one and a half minute, i.e., 90 seconds.
  • A good explainer video clearly describes and answers the three commonly asked “wh” questions regarding any business organizations, i.e., what, why, and how.
  • Explainer video should target the relevant audience. It should explain the solutions that your company will offer the customers.
  • Make sure these videos made in high quality and it has attractive animated characters and graphics.  Explainer video animations London and other western and European explainer video animators are best in providing the best quality videos.
  • Use expert and trained voiceover with interactive and likable background music. By using a good quality sound effect, you keep your audience engaged till the last second of your explainer video.


Modern business solutions and marketing strategies are no longer similar to the traditional business ways and methods. With the digitization of the business world, the dynamics of business has been completely altered and modernized.


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