Content Writing Tips When You Have No Idea What To Write


Okay! So you want to write something for your readers, but you don’t have anything to write about. Is this an only problem? If yes, then don’t suppress your desire because here we are describing some of the best tips that can help you come up with new topic ideas to pump up your content writing process.

Content Writing Tips When There is No Idea

It is not a big issue to face the situation when you’re not able to search the new topic for your content. Numbers of bloggers don’t get the idea of what to write. Hence, don’t get give up your hopes and follow these tips:

#1. Learn What People Expect from You

Participate in Questions & Answers and FAQs such as Yahoo Answers, Quora, and etc to interact with potential clients and customers. This helps in getting the instant content directly from the intended audiences. People usually ask about the topics they are interested in. Hence, answer their questions frequently because it provides you with more details about them.

#2. Google Headline Formats Can be Your Best Buddy

Browsing the list of informative Google headline formulas can provide you the creative and powerful jump-off point on writing the content that engages the user’s attention. There are numbers of websites providing guidance on using the catchy headlines that persuade online visitors to read your content.

#3. Specifications in HTML Format

If you are selling any product, then describe its specifications in the HTML format and add a link of the specific product webpage. The online visitors can access the data they’re interested in, giving you an idea of what they like the most. Link to the PDF printable version as it is more likely to index quickly on the search engine.

If you lack knowledge about this, avail professional link building services from proficient experts like LinkBuildingCorp, who are equipped with the updated expertise of link building strategies. And don’t forget that if you already have a content in your product specifications, update it with some unique details.

#4. Create A List of The Ideas You Have

Don’t get confused about what you have decided to write yesterday. Instead of this, prepare a list of everything running in your mind because ideas can hit the mind at any moment, such as while you’re walking on the road, taking a relaxing shower, enjoying the dinner, and the list continues. So, always keep a notebook along with you to note down the helpful points instantly and use this list to choose the best topic at the time of writing.

#5. Write About The Interesting Facts of Your Business

It is not necessary that users want to know about your business journey, achievements, and corporate details all the time. Sharing the best of moments/funniest things with audiences help in getting the attention of new users and keeping the existing ones.

#6. Write what Seems More Important and Engaging for You

When you are confused about what you must write for your readers, the best approach is to determine what you want to ‘read’ actually. Find out whether you’re interested in reading the content on the same topic in other’s blog if you don’t write it by yourself. Did you enjoy while searching for the relevant information on a given topic? By getting the answer to it, you’ll be able to predict how other readers will feel when they visit your blog. It will also help in improving your blog rank.

This helps in finding what you’re missing in the content that can distract the readers. Focus on composing an authentic content that satisfies the user’s reading needs by providing useful information that they would not find anywhere else.

#7. Ask Others To Write For You

If you are stuck in the middle of choosing the best idea that can help you to compose creative content, then it would be good to ask others for help. Approach other skilled writers or bloggers to craft a guest post for you. This adds the quality content on your blog effortlessly and also supports link building.

It’s Right Time To Start The Content Writing

Last but not least, determine your main motive behind writing the specific content and how it can benefit you in reaching the prospective customers/readers.

As now you have the best clue for creating great content, don’t waste your time. Start writing the content to change the world through your innovative and persuasive words.

Author Bio: Hello readers..!! This is Ridhima Choudhary, an experienced blogger at I believe that in today’s competitive world, businesses are not much aware of the scope and importance of translation. Hence, I try to craft informative and engaging content that reflects the present market situation as well as gives a detailed insight into the benefits of translation for online businesses.


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