Data Measurement in Oilfield: A Dashboard View


New projects in the natural gas sector are seeing prospective trends dealing with AI and modern technologies like mobility. The latest International Business Congress held last month focused on monitoring and techniques for data measurement in oilfield with best practices. The emphasis continues to be on the reliability of the apps for efficiency, security, storage, transportation, and optimum usage of facilities. The SCADA systems add to the value of actual data acquisition.

A Dashboard View to Data Measurement in Oilfield

We present a dashboard view to data measurement in oilfield. And, mobility, oil and gas industry’s latest technology will even impact the Arctic exploration activities from the American natural resource perspective. Are you future-ready to stabilize operational efficiencies?

SCADA Systems Bring a Measure of Success

Operations of the future

With the adoption of SCADA systems, companies get a preview of the market in the next five years and learn which technologies will be most useful. In this regard, key elements impact software and hardware trends. Reducing operational expenses is a big deal for companies in the petroleum sector. They require integration of IoT and cloud-based software with mobile apps to manage the grids, transportation, and online platforms. This is how critical infrastructure is monetized.

The need for integrating SCADA systems, sensory measuring apps, mobile networks require best practices. Upstream companies customizing mobility, oil, and gas pipelines are the future for stability. While prices are rebounding globally, using digital technologies is prudent. They are indispensable for linear programming, 3-d and 4-d sensor systems, AI and mobility for growth opportunities.

Increasing Reservoir Limits Digitally

Enhance operations with reliable solutions

Unless the lease operators are able to measure data, they will not be able to make full use of the capacity of a reservoir. This is where mobile apps prove to be useful. Capital expenditures have reduced, and upstream revenues have risen to 5%. With the addition of new apps like JOYN 2 and pump by exception, revenues have increased.

According to Forbes, mobility, oil and gas’s disruptive technology is the ideal method to pursue active production capacity. With AI and cloud-based systems, analytics enhance all other operations. With time, these systems are being used to train algorithms to understand data, process the information, and produce reliable solutions. In the US field operations, it is estimated that by 2022, the AI market will be valued at the US $ 2.85 billion. It involves a cross-section of digital systems like automation, analytics, and algorithms. As the natural gas sector adopts these measures, they may even benefit environmentalists.

Cracks Need Better Handling

Avoid resource allocation suffering

There are several cracks that emerge and make processes inefficient. Only a few software systems are able to connect the dots and fill the cracks. Ideally, AI should be used to combine the human and machines rather than having different teams to monitor processes. It is important to collate data that benefit the growth of the company and improves crude oil production.

When heavy investments are done in SCADA, mobile apps reduce the other operating expenses. Data measured should produce actionable results. Without the use of AI, there is a chance of unstructured information that may not be useful. If any results from such data analytics are used, the resource allocations suffer. Hence, some turnkey apps are detrimental to the operations. Consulting a service provider who offers the best practices to use AI is imperative.

Automation is the Best Answer

Mobility – the main driving force

If your upstream operations are not doing well then reinvent the way your operators work. Invest in mobility solutions to surging production capabilities. Stop using stand-alone systems that take up time, energy and are non-productive and switch to automation processes. The current trend of mobile field management is catching up with even in the far-off Arctic exploration activities.

The visibility of new data in operations, services, and management adds quality to the workflows. Operators can use a single mobile device from which they can handle diverse operations. A single interface can be built on which all actionable data can be displayed. Upstream companies can simply customize the apps that will work on such devices.

The Immediate Benefits Include:

  • An awareness of current systems and how they can be overhauled.
  • Field productivity improvisation with data insights.
  • With analytics, appropriate resources increase productivity.
  • Mobility oil and gas data measurement in oilfield provides accuracy for operations and decision making. Sevenlakes technologies give accurate data measurement in oilfield.
  • Handling vendors on divergent platforms, preparing billing cycles are streamlined.
  • Mobile devices bridge the gap and reduce inefficiencies.

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