EaseUS Todo Backup Home (TB) Review

easeus backup

In the era of technology, we still have to deal with some downsides of it like losing up of data permenantly due to some accidents or technical issues. Until, the technology is highly advanced that we can deal with any kind of data loss, we will have to take some before hand precautions and i.e. backup of data (photos, videos, etc).

To backup your essential data, you could use one of the brilliant EaseUS Software which we are covering up in this article today. What’s the software name? What does it exactly do? Is it worth your time? Keep reading to know more.

easeus todo backup

Features of The EaseUS Todo Backup Home

The program we are reviewing today is the EaseUS Todo Backup Home. It’s a premium backup software that will take away all your data tension. The best thing about the product is that, the company behind it, EaseUS has been producing such and other similar programs since a pretty long time in the market.

They are offering their program in three different variations, Home users, businesses and service providers. In this piece of content, we will be mainly targeting the home version only as that constitutes of most of our audience.

The software is available for both, Windows and Mac devices. One of the unique feature of this program is that, it supports of automated data backup for almost all parts of your system, including hard disk, operating system, email data backup and much more. Easily perform system restore after a major computer crash or transfer data from one hard drive to another.

Remember, that no matter what type of data you have it’s never safe and this is where such softwares help from issues like virus attack, accidental deletion, human error, etc.

It comes in two versions, one is the free and another one is the paid version. The free is limited to some extent, like you won’t get support for email backup and no option of transfer to a new PC.

Main Features In Brief

  • It has support for Cloud Backup
  • It can manage almost all sorts of back-up tasks. Just assign it!
  • It goes down well with GPT/UEFI
  • It has support for Outlook Email Backup & Recovery
  • Easily generate copy of different partitions
  • Easily performs the system backup, partition backup, file level, and image level backups.

Performance of The Program

The software is a lot advanced and it sports a simple to use user interface, making it easy to get any beginner started. One will come across various types of backup options and tools. Check them one by one, so you know what does what!

Easily assign backup tasks and keep a look on all of them at one place only. With automated backup, you won’t have to worry about scheduling tasks and checking them frequently. Once your initial backup has been done, the future backups are going to take a lot less time.

A full back-up is made in every 7 days, once your initial backup has been performed. Rest, you have another options for mail backup, disk/partition backup, smart backup, file backup, etc. Download and checks out the program to know mote about its functioning and performance!

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to get started
  • Supports both of the major paltform (Windows & Mac)
  • Quite affordable


  • No Cloud Storage

Final Verdict / Conclusion

If you ask us, then we definitely recommend you the program from EaseUS. It has all the necessary features and a very easy to use UI, which you would be looking for in a backup software. The schedule backup works pretty smoothly. The added feature which we personally liked a lot was the email backup. Sometimes we have to deal with important emails so we can’t risk losing them due to any reason.

It’s true that Cloud Storage isn’t included in this software whereas in some other backup softwares you may find it, but it necessarily doesn’t have a primary use, it’s more like an added bonus.

Lastly, we would like to say that the software is a brilliant piece of creation, i.e. easy to use and should be recommended to all from your side also.


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