7 Exciting Innovations in The Gaming Industry

innovations in gaming

The gaming industry is an extremely profitable and competitive market. In a very short span, we have witnessed a drastic difference in the way games are played. From hand-held devices to mobile gaming to cloud-based services and the best gaming headset, access to games has never been easier.

But it’s not just the multitudes of genres available in the gaming sector that makes it a lucrative trade. Advancements in technology and game design are continually pushing and redefining the boundaries.

With audiences in search of newer experiences, developers are incorporating innovative ideas to blow the gamers away.

So, by the time a game goes live, they are already thinking about the next iteration of it.

What to Expect in the Future in Gaming?

The gaming industry has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past decades. With the constant releases of new games, developers aim at incorporating the latest trends into gaming. Here is a list of some exciting trends that the gaming industry is bringing your way:

#1. Improved Controllers

Controllers have drastically changed since they were first introduced. Considering the rapid growth of the gaming industry, developers realized the potential of new user-interface technologies, and thus, a whole science, focused on designing radical controllers to exploit the gaming experience came into being.

Even though various new gadgets are revolutionizing gaming, controllers remain one of the most technologically advanced gaming gadgets. Their impressive features include:

  • wireless controllers
  • 3D audio that’s promoting more immersive gameplay
  • improved tactile sensations via haptic feedback, such as rumbling and shaking, that allow users to feel what’s going on in a game better
  • built-in mics to support chatting with other players

#2. Wearable Gadgets

Gesture control is not entirely a new concept. Brands like Wii have already created numerous games that track separate points of the body.

With the aid of 3D cameras, motion sensors, interactive floor pads, etc., developers have devised games that do not require hand-held controllers. It offers players the opportunity for more immersive gameplay.

But with the rise of gesture-controlled gameplay, a whole new field of wearable tech is being introduced. Whether it’s for fitness or merely entertainment purposes, companies are now working on technology that will support and promote the use of body movements during gaming.

Bands, vests, helmets, etc. that have small sensors are worn on hands, legs, forehead, and chest so that the character in the game functions and moves just like the player.

#3. Virtual Reality

With greater access to wearables, there is a massive potential in the integration of virtual reality control functionalities. The rise of virtual reality gameplay in the future is to be expected.

Companies like Samsung and Google have released their VR headsets – Gear VR and Cardboard, respectively – making virtual reality experiences more accessible to consumers.

But as virtual reality hardware improves, applications for this type of gameplay will increase. Moreover, several accessories will be invented to enhance games built around VR technology.

According to Statista, 20.8 billion U.S. dollars are expected to be spent in 2023 on VR gaming and VR video alone.

#4. Augmented Reality

We’ve all seen how games like Pokemon Go brought augmented reality to the gaming world. However, this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Developers know that there is a great deal of potential in smartphone gaming. In fact, hardware and software capabilities such as cameras and GPS have spurred the increase of augmented reality games.

Vxchange.com quotes that the AR market forecasts revenue of $70-75 billion by 2023. As the popularity of AR rises, the gap between real life and the virtual world continues to shrink.

It’s about to get real as games become readily applicable to real-life situations. So don’t be surprised if you come across a game that lets you play table hockey on your kitchen counter sometime soon.

#5. Gaming on Demand

People no more need to purchase the games they love. With the advent of internet gaming and mobile gaming, we are now in an era where gamers can watch, play, and share games from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Much like movie streaming services such as Netflix, game developers know that there is a considerable advantage in offering subscription-based gaming services.

No wonder Sony offer over 400 titles in its PlayStation Now library. Players can stream these games for a monthly fee and access them on their computers or consoles.

Moreover, various subscription-based gaming websites like Unlimited Gamez Mo have also emerged that have made online games more fun and accessible. These websites offer various games to be played online on smartphones after paying a small subscription fee.

The subscription-based gaming model has a better chance of aligning the gaming needs of players in budget-friendly bundles.

#6. Gaming as Entertainment

Live streaming is taking gaming to the next level. People can now watch gamers play multiplayer competitions in real-time. This new form of entertainment has captivated a growing audience around the world, thus becoming the driving force behind the near-$1 billion eSports industry.

It is a big step in bringing a substantial change to the gaming industry. More interestingly, it is opening up newer, never imagined career paths for many people.

#7. Enhanced Audio and Visuals

If you are looking for some of the coolest applications of the latest technological advancements, you need not go further than the gaming industry.

Not only will you find the most exciting innovations, but you’ll be tempted to indulge in them. But to boost the gaming experience, developers understand that they need more than just a great game.

The supporting technology that gives their games the oomph factor is equally important. So whether it’s noise cancellation headphones that block out sound or HD graphics that support stereoscopic 3D viewing, you need cutting edge advancements that place you smack in the middle of the zone.

Without these innovations, gaming wouldn’t be the same.

Final Thoughts

The coolest applications and the latest technological advancements are ready to take the gaming industry by storm.

The developers are racking up efforts to build more challenging and better games. Working together, they want to bring hardware and software onto a more interactively challenging platform. But for now, you need to brace yourself for some incredible innovations.

Get ready to be blown away, so that you could not say I didn’t warn you.


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