Instagram Standalone App Designed For Shopping

instagram standalone app

Facebook is all set for a major new move into the world of e-commerce right now. It has already got Instagram under its belt. Right now, Instagram is working on a completely new Instagram standalone app, designed for shopping. The news came from reliable sources making it really accurate. This app is also known as Instagram Shopping. It will help users to just browse collections of amazing goods from the merchant that they follow. Not only that, but through this app, the followers get to purchase the items directly.

Instagram hasn’t made this announcement public yet but will surely do within a short span of time. This is going to work as a pleasant surprise for all the real Instagram followers out there, following selected brands dedicatedly.

Uncertainty Regarding Instagram Standalone App

It is hard to understand when IG might launch this app. The development is still ongoing and it could be canceled before it is quite released. But there are some familiar sources with development which say Instagram believes it is quite positioned to make a major expansion into the field of e-commerce.

Over 25 million businesses have already had their IG accounts. Among the lot, 2 million are advertisers as noted by the chief operating officer. It is true that four out of five IG users will follow at least one business in this regard. With the help of this Instagram standalone app creation, you can allow the company to provide a dedicated home for increasingly popular activity on IG. This means business growth through Instagram and also expanding the revenue based opportunities.

Tools for Business on Instagram

Over the time, FB has also introduced some more tools for merchants who are building businesses on the IG. This social media channel directly challenges some of the other e-commerce platforms like Shopify, as per the person familiar with the thinking of the company. Most of the online businesses are in need of an IG account already. The thinking goes, many of those would use paid business tools if they are becoming available. Some businesses like InstaMacro are providing real Instagram followers, providing effective business growth.

Marketing Tools

There are some companies, which are already selling tools to the IG advertisers. For example, let’s talk about Four Sixty, where the businesses actually pay for helping in the creation of some of the shop-able photo galleries, post scheduling, content moderations and some of the other services right now. On the other hand, you have the Shopify app, which comprises multiple plugins well related to managing and promoting IG based businesses right now.

Shopping Feature of Instagram

instagram shopping

Instagram started testing shopping feature in 2016, November and rolled that out more broadly last year in March. Companies are able to tag posts with the individual products, which will allow users to shop quite directly from photos as posted. IG is now testing feature, which will help users to also shop from some of the IG stories, as posted. Moreover, shopping is not the first Instagram feature to be associated with the Instagram standalone app. It is also testing Direct, which is another messaging app since December.

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