4 Best iPhone Apps for Android with the iOS Look

iphone apps for android

The Android system has the advantage of being relatively flexible. There are several dozens of launchers to fully customize the interface of the smartphone or tablet. Many of these applications are straight inspired by Apple’s work on iOS. So, there are iPhone apps for Android with the iOS look in the play store.

Maybe you had considered buying an iPhone, but the selling price suddenly made you change your mind. After all, this Android smartphone marketed two or three times cheaper, is not so bad. Maybe you like iOS too, but the lack of some apps only for Android is a problem. Finally, maybe you use an iPad at home in the evening and would like to find the same ergonomics on your smartphone during the day.

Whatever your reason, Google’s Play Store is full of applications that transform the look of your smartphone. But beware, not all are of exceptional quality. Many are those who advertise, preinstall other utilities or consume a lot of battery.

After pacing the Play Store, here is a small, unpretentious selection of complementary utilities with each other.


The most radical transformation is first brought by the launcher. There are dozens listed by Google all more or less powerful or feature-rich. For this selection, our choice stops on iLauncher. As its name suggests, its goal is simply to model the iOS springboard. In fact, the resemblance is such that the publisher was banned from posting screenshots on the Play Store!

We find the possibility to configure four shortcuts in a kind of dock translucent positioned at the bottom of the screen and a swipe down reveals a universal search field. The vice is pushed to the end: it will be enough to make a long press on an icon to find the small cross of uninstallation. Another short press will change the image of the icon and the name of this application.

The application is paying (about 2 Euros) but has the advantage of being completely devoid of advertising and benefit from a development. Download iLauncher from Playstore.

The Notification Center: iNoty

The same publisher has designed the iNoty mobile app, which offers to override the default configured notification center. Like iOS, we find two sections called Today and Notifications. The first gives an overview of the events of the calendar while the second includes the alerts sent by the applications (SMS, email, notifications). Note the ability to enable the Android layer to support quick responses or direct actions to be performed on messages. You can download iNoty from Apkwebs for free.

The Control Panel: iPanel

To quickly access custom smartphone settings, you can install iPanel. The application obviously takes over the control center of iOS. The user will be able to customize shortcuts (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen rotation …), choose the music player associated with playback controls, or position icons of frequently used applications.

iPanel also proposes to define the position of the scanning zone, its size or its height. Download iPanel from play store.

Lock Screen: CM Locker

The Play Store is packed with apps promising to copy the iOS lock screen. But, many of them consume a lot of battery or advertise from time to time after unlocking. CM Locker is full of options and its publisher, Cheetah Mobile, multiplies the quality applications on the Play Store.

Specifically, the mobile user is able to choose from dozens of themes and configure the background image. On the iOS theme, a slide to the right may have a keypad on which you enter your secret code. Note that support for the fingerprint reader is also in the game. Sliding to the left reveals the weather information in the transparency of your personalized image, which is not

A notification can be displayed on the lock screen and a slide on it will open the application directly. CM Locker has several tools, for example for the management of fast charging, or to analyze applications consuming abnormally battery and running in the background.

However, note the presence of a localized advertisement in the middle of the weather information and inviting the mobile user to download a mobile application. However, it seems that CM Locker is not available in premium version. Download CM Locker from play store.


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