Questions to Ask A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

motorcycle accident attorney

There’s nothing like the wind whipping in your hair as you take the open highway. The motorcycle has been a vehicle of choice for many Americans since its inception nearly a hundred years ago. That being said, these vehicles do provide a great sense of risk. There’s not the kind of protection for the body that comes with being encased inside a vehicle. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving another vehicle, it’s important to ask: where can I find a motorcycle accident attorney near me?

The injuries sustained in these types of accidents can be serious. It’s important to get the compensation you deserve in order to recover fully. What questions should you ask an attorney when you sit down for an initial talk? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few big ones.

Do I Have a Case? 

Accidents involving motorcycles are notoriously difficult to untangle. What might be clear-cut in another case might be more difficult to parse in an incident involving a motorbike.

In order to obtain the full amount of compensation you’ll need to recover from accident injuries, you’ll need to prove that the other driver involved in your wreck acted negligently.

They may have been speeding, driving under the influence, texting and driving, or doing some other action that demonstrates a lack of care.

You’ll need to be able to prove this point when negotiating with an insurance company. An attorney can look at the evidence and information you have at the moment and let you know how strong your case is.

How Much is My Case Worth? 

If you don’t have any experience in negotiating accident cases, you might have no idea about the actual worth of your case. This is no fault of your own, it can be notoriously difficult to find the true value of a case.

There are quantitative elements that you may be able to manage. Your medical bills, damage to your vehicle, the wages you’ve lost from work. Even there, it might be hard to determine how much your ongoing care in an auto injury clinic might cost.

But there are also the not-so-quantitative measures. How do you put a number to trauma, to pain and suffering? You might not be able to, but an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can.

They’ve handled cases like yours in the past and will know how much you should ask for based on the details of your case.

How Many Years of Practice? 

The most important element of any attorney will be the amount of experience they have. The more years they have practicing motorcycle law, the more they’ll be equipped to take on your case.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask about your attorney’s background before hiring them. Ideally, they’ll have a deep background in this area of law, as the attorneys at do.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

“What do I need to ask a motorcycle accident attorney near me?”

It’s a question that many accident victims ask when they first sit down to think about their case. You want to make the most of your initial talk, so the above questions are a must to include.

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