6 Best Strategies to Monetize WordPress Blog

monetize wordpress blog

People are looking to hire WordPress developers or other professionals to build websites. That is not just giving out information about their brand or organization but are effective avenues to market and sell their products or services. WordPress is one of the most convenient web development tools. It encourages people to migrate from other formats, using services like ones which convert PSD to WordPress theme. One of the biggest benefits of using the open source CMS for building a website is that it provides multiple options for owners to use their interfaces from earning money. Hence, with some effective strategies to monetize WordPress blog, people can generate revenue from their websites.

Strategies to Monetize WordPress Blog

Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies to monetize WordPress blog:

#1. Affiliate Marketing can Provide Good Returns

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money through your website or blog which attracts good traffic. It involves promoting products or services of others by posting their links on your interface. In return, you can earn the commission each time those links are used for an inquiry or sale. Many businesses offer a commission for every desired action that a visitor takes. Subscribing to a newsletter or signing up with the service, by using the relevant link on your website. It is not necessary that you promote only related items through this strategy. A product of any category can be used for promotion on your website. This is a much-growing strategy to monetize WordPress blogs.

#2. Advertising is a Tested Strategy

This is one of the oldest strategies of earning money. Advertising can also be used to monetize WordPress interface. You can choose self-manage and host advertisements on your own. Decide the fees as well as the locations on the website where you are going to display ads. Plugins or third-party services can be helpful in this process or you can choose the alternative route by using an ad network like Google AdSense. An owner can choose for a plan that gives a fixed amount after the ad achieves a set number of views. Furthermore, he can also get a percentage of the ad revenue every time there is a click on the ad.

#3. Introduce Subscription Plans to Create Members

Subscription-based plans can be one the best strategies to monetize WordPress websites. Attract a large number of people visiting again and again to experience the interesting content. Instead of offering everything for free, owners can choose to make some content accessible only to paid members. The strategy will work only for interfaces that provide engaging and compelling content. Subsequently, it will force visitors to sign up for the subscription. Owners of websites who provide high-quality informative content regularly can use membership plugins to start a program. that will help them turn their readers into paid users. Hence creating a steady source of revenue generation.

#4. Sell Your Products or Services

One of the easiest way to earn money is to start using the website to sell your own products or services. Because WordPress is one of the most convenient platforms to start e-commerce ventures. Furthermore, WooCommerce is arguably the most popular plugin or tool that to build an online store. It is not only tangible products or commodities that can be sold online. If you are an expert in your field, then you can offer your services as a consultant to people looking for professional help. Another innovative fashion in which this strategy can be used is to write an ebook. Which contains helpful and detailed information on a traffic and offer it at a price to your website visitors.

#5. Get Sponsors for Posts

Every website owner has a blog which is they use to provide useful information. Information can be on a variety of topics related to their industry. These blogs help them build their image as a knowledgeable authority on the subject. It also helps in executing the search engine optimization strategy of their interface. you can monetize WordPress blogs by getting sponsors for posts. Providing, the blog witnesses good traffic and has a large engaged audience. Take care though to not overuse this tactic and use sponsorship on only a select number of posts. Ensure that the entities coming in as sponsors are credible and trustworthy.

6. Offer Paid Online Courses

Finally, another good way to use your skills and knowledge in your chosen field to earn money. Offer fee-based online courses through your interface. Online courses attract a lot of people. They provide a chance to learn something worthwhile at reasonable rates. It is learning without needing to step out of the comfort of their homes. You do not need to be an expert in a technical field to start a virtual course. People with all sorts of skill-sets are using the internet to provide their guidance at a price. A professional or amateur possessing considerable knowledge in any subject can take this route to earn money.


These WordPress monetization strategies will come in handy to owners who are looking to use their websites for generating some extra income can use these strategies. But, they must first assess to identify the tactics. Whichever will be most suitable for their interfaces.

Author Bio: Brandon Graves is a WordPress expert at HireWPgeeks. His specialties include WordPress design and development services. Which include migrate any website to WordPress, custom WordPress solutions, blogging, content strategy, etc.


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