Pros and Cons of Using Online Translation Services in 2019

online translation services

There is ample debate regarding the use of online resources to translate your work. People show a difference in opinion when it comes to online translation. As such, it is essential to dispel what is real from what is not, to ensure you make the right decision.

Whenever you want to translate a document, you face the challenge of deciding between translating it yourself or using cheap online translation services.

Highlighted are the pros and cons of using online translation services that will enable you to make an informed decision.

The Pros of Using Cheap Online Translation Services

#1. Inexpensive

As the name suggests, online services are relatively cheap. For instance, Google-translate is a free translation service that allows you to translate millions of words just at the click of a button.

For your book translation, say if you want to translate English to Swiss, it will be relatively easy to use online services.

#2. Simplicity

The translators are easy to use. All you are input the words and the translator does the rest for you. The interface of most translators is simple, two dialog boxes. One dialog box is for inputting the phrase, and the other is for the translated text.

#3. Speed

These translators are relatively fast. They consume a small amount of time to process data and give you a desirable output. It would make the resources fifteen minutes to do what a human would in one hour.

#4. Multilingual Translation

Online translators are capable of translating information in multiple different languages. One text, for instance, can be converted into ten different styles by the same interface. Such a task is trying to achieve by human translation.

#5. Easy Access

Accessing such sites is effortless. All that is needed is to download an app or access a website. There are no limits when it comes to obtaining. The services are available to everyone if you look in the right places.

The Cons of Using Cheap Online Translation Services

#1. Low Quality

Competitive products are in most cases of inferior quality. The same assumption applies to write functions. In many cases, the translations are inaccurate and contain some grammatical errors.

#2. Simplicity in the Output Language

Websites and online translators do not understand creativity. For instance, a machine would not appreciate a pun; therefore, a word by word translation by an online source will make the text lose its originality.

It is for this reason that online translation is not the best for creative works.

#3. Inability to Solve the Ambiguity

Whereas a human translator would identify a spelling mistake and rectify it in the translation, the online translator will translate the word all the same. As such, you face the risk of acquiring work with a lot of grammatical errors.

#4. Too Much Simplicity

The first choice for most translators will be the most basic form of the word.  It leads to a loss of nuances of the text.

#5. Zero Cultural Sensitivity

Some cultures require that certain words can only apply in a particular manner; just because it is their culture. Websites do not understand the importance of culture and for such a reason may produce unaccepted translations.

Is Using Sites for Book Translations any Good?

For your book, it is advisable to use the best available translation service to get the best outcome. However, online sources will always give a less costly option.

Final Verdict

The services offered are excellent, but not entirely perfect. If you want to save your money, it is the best alternative.


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